About us

Our products are manufactured mostly from new rubber-recycling material. The material is sourced from the largest car tyre manufacturers in Europe. The surface of the black rubber granule made of natural rubber is coloured at the production site. Furthermore, uniformly coloured synthetic rubber / EPDM granules are procured from Switzerland. Whilst granules are supplied by Gezolan, colours and binding agents are ordered respectively from Lanxess and Stockmeier. When installed properly, we give a warrantee of 3 years for our products.

Our most requested products are our shock absorbing fall protection tiles for playgrounds. The tiles are mainly sold in Germany and in its neighbouring countries. Besides our playground products, we produce for the sport branch our Fitnessgum® products and in the equestrian sport branch our Equestgum® products. The products have to fulfil the criteria of the application area. Therefore, our developers do not only focus on technical solutions, but cooperate with specialists from each branch.